The Burger Club
The Burger Club

As most things these days, it started on Facebook.

Meagre Starts

It started off roughly, as the first outing went from a scheduled eight people down to three that managed to find their way. And one of them wasn’t even having a burger. Those that did arrive, enjoyed their meals, the refreshing libations, and the delightful company. Not discouraged, they vowed to soldier on and schedule another meeting.

Business Socks

A few more trial meetings went on and we fell into a good groove. But it was time to get serious and down to business. If we’re going to be trying burgers we needed a way to rate them. And, naturally, we needed a logo. Who doesn’t need a logo?

Before the next meeting we had a go-around on our group chat over the criteria that goes into a good burger. Some were obvious (quality of the patty, toppings), but others, like attention to local ingredients, delve deeper into issues of Food Security. As a group that are also involved with the SJFM, this became an important aspect to our burger rankings.

Final Criteria

  1. Presentation
  2. Flavour
  3. Bun
  4. Patty
  5. Price
  6. Sides
  7. Toppings
  8. Service
  9. Local
  10. Satisfaction

The Hearth

Score sheets in hand, we descend upon our next unsuspecting location: Bridie Molloy’s/The Celtic Hearth.

Right at the start we were in good hands. A chance encounter with the head chef gave us a lot of insights into the selection of burgers and priority given to local ingredients. This was followed up with an amazing selection of appetizers that made me consider starting an appetizer club. I’ll be sure to return for another batch of the onion rings.

Lamb Burger

While my compatriots went with the featured Moose Burger, I opted for the Lamb Burger with mint. A big fan of the Lamb burger at the Wooden Monkey in Halifax, I was eager to find a comparable local fare.

Our burgers arrived plated on metal trays and faux newsprint. Not a promising start. Trays remind me of cafeteria food and the newsprint, while entertaining, seems better suited to fish and chips. The burgers themselves, however, did not disappoint and we were all pretty satisfied. High points for local were earned, as well as quality of the bun and patty (both made in-house). Sadly for mine, there wasn’t the strong mint flavour I was craving, which did limit the score for toppings.

In the end, my score came to 79.5/100.

Final Words

Admittedly, I’m also a rather harsh critic. This is likely from an upbringing where praise was formed in a way to push me to do better. As well, it’s much like one of my photo teachers who only gave one A+ for a photo in the span of his career. There’s no perfect photo, and no perfect burger.

However, all that said, one sampling does not constitute a thorough review and I suspect we’ll return before long.