Inukshuk on Signal Hill

Having been at the Stock Photography game for a couple of years now, I often wonder where they end up, lost out in “the wild” some where.

Given the global audience, the chances of me running into one of the photos in a magazine or billboard is pretty slim. Especially given that I don’t read many magazines and billboards are usually pretty simplistic. No time for photos when you’re cruising down the street on your skidoo (yes, it happens in the winter here).

Thankfully, Google built an amazing reverse image search. It’s kinda like the creepy reverse phone number look up you can do, but with images.

It’s not perfect, and mostly the results were just my listings. But a few of them lucked out and I finally got to see one of my shots in use by some random person on the internet (so creepy).


Among the shots found was this one of Coal in my Dad’s backyard. Look at my puppy, helping raise awareness for arthritis. It’s a bit ironic as this was the day that she had pulled some muscle and didn’t even want to walk. A trip to a vet revealed nothing and she was back to normal a couple of days later.

One of the crayon shots has predictable usage, but also a nice creative piece on LinkedIn. For the record, I have no idea what my favourite colour is, but I am partial to reds. This is also a bit ironic since I have trouble discerning shades of red and it’s one of the hardest colours to photograph.

The Littlest Robot

From my bedroom bookshelf to the pages of Which-50 and MetalFloss, this robot is making the rounds. Hopefully when the robots take over they’ll look kindly upon my current employment and gentle care of several of their predecessors.

And More

Okay, even I’m a little bored with the stock photo safari, but there’s a few more I’ve discovered. Cal LeGrow uses a few Newfoundland shots of mine on numerous page. However, the Halifax Clock Tower is certainly the most popular one.