Inukshuk on Signal Hill

Pets, in general, are amazing companions.

They’re also a bit peculiar at times and varying degrees of crazy. This goes doubly so late at night when everyone else is trying to sleep. Compiled below is a list of some notable night-time curiosities.

Exhibit A: Mio


  • Caterwauling downstairs because she’s lonely and forgot everyone had gone to bed.
  • Stole a bag of cat treats, dragged them into the bedroom, and attempted to find a way into the bag.
  • Play on windowsill. Fall. Land on face. Repeat.
  • Forcibly remove blankets by pulling them under the bed.
  • Thoroughly soaked a catnip-stuffed beaver in the water dish. Made a nice catnip soup.
  • Repeated dunking of several other objects, including a feather, paper, and bits of plastic.
  • Raided stash of dental picks, dumping large amounts of them on the floor.
  • Pulled the base out of her kitty carrier, dragged it down the stairs, and left it in the living room.
  • Once appeared in the middle of the night with a completely soaked tail. A search of the house at 2am revealed no source of water.
  • Grabbed a bag of semi-sweet shredded coconut from the top shelf. Carried that bag of semi-sweet shredded coconut across the kitchen, down the hall, up the stairs, down another hall, and into my bedroom. Proceeded to loudly try to break into said bag of semi-sweet shredded coconut. It was taken away from her.


Exhibit B: Coal


  • Sudden appearance of cold wet nose against skin.


You may draw your own conclusions from this data.