NIN vs. Dinosaurs
NIN vs. Dinosaurs

It honestly started as a joke.

A tweet came up mentioned that Nine Inch Nails were going on tour, which included a couple of stops in Canada. So I sent it to Patey, jokingly mentioned we should partake, and that turned into us actually going.

Our choices were Toronto or Montreal. Both lovely cities, but Montreal has forever been the “ex-girlfriend city” to me, having had three or four of them there at some point. I figured any attempt to visit might result in torches and pitchforks. So off to safe Toronto we went.

Nine Inch Nails were, of course, fantastic. The light show and little details alone was worth it.

But who really cares about some band when the Royal Ontario Museum is full of real dead dinosaur bones! I was insufferably excited when we finally reached the dinosaurs and almost ran from exhibit to exhibit, taking pictures along the way.

It all took me back to a travelling dinosaur exhibition that reached the Natural History Museum in Halifax when I was a kid. There was fantastic pieces, do-it-yourself archeology with sand and fake bones, but the real highlight was a full size Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton hidden around a corner. I still remember my dad pulling me away from another display and watching as I walked around the bend, only to see the full maw of teeth bearing down on me.

It’s one of those things I hope I never forget.