A Well-Worn Frying Pan
A Well-Worn Frying Pan

And not just any Spider.

This is my first time entering The Spider Awards and it’s a bit nerve-wracking.


When it comes to confidence, I’m a bit manic, flip-flopping between delusions of perfection and crippling doubt. But what artist doesn’t have these issues (I hope)? It’s the nature of the beast and some days it makes me want to give up and never look at a camera ever again.


So we seek reassurance, from friends, family, and peers. Facebook likes and Flickr favourites are amazing to watch roll in, but rarely do they extend much beyond my own network. Is it wrong to hope for more? If only everything in life came with a puppy tail wag letting you know all is well.


And so the wait begins. With the final entry deadline currently sitting at April 28th and the winners being announced October 14th, there’s a span of 169 days (or 14,601,600 seconds) where numerous photos will be reviewed, critiqued, and judged. Sitting in the pile, like back in photo class, will be some of mine.

At some point I’ll get an email letting me know the results.

And that’s a bit scary.