The Highway to Cape Spear
The Highway to Cape Spear

Every project has ups and downs.

The original plan for the album was an illustration inspired by Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues; something a bit surreal and interesting. Unfortunately, through circumstances beyond our control, the illustrator didn’t quite deliver. Myself and Avalon looked at alternate illustrators while also coming up with backup plans.

One of those plans involved turning Burn into a title track for the album, which also meant we got to play with matches and burn things.

Trying to burn things on camera is a bad idea.

But a match on a spray-painted background (using a texture colour for the base and then the main colour over top), is perfectly safe and doesn’t involve any indoor flames. A personal favourite is the picture above of the highway to Cape Spear. Took a few attempts and some dashing across the road to save the camera (and myself) from traffic, but we got the shot.

There’s a gallery below of all the shots taken, but you should probably check out the album.