The Littlest Robot

Regardless of the impending robot uprising, 2015 was a pretty good year.

It marked the first full year in the new house, the start of major renovations, and another furry critter running around doing all the weird things at night.

What else?

My stock photography sales are slow, but picking up. Currently have ~140 photos on seven different stock sites, but at an average sale of sixty cents a photo, it takes awhile to build up. But I finally took the time to redo this site, which is a bit more reader-friendly than the previous one. It’s been awhile since I’ve dedicated time to writing (some of you may remember the now-defunct, and it feels really good to be back at it.

I’ve also made my first code-contribution to an open source project, which is waiting in review with the original creators. Hopefully, sometime soon the ValidationEngine I use on everything will have a SASS-option for better integration into other projects.

Where do we go Next?

Into 2016. And movie-wise it’s pretty exciting, if only for Captain America: Civil War.

For myself, there’s a few goals set up, including more work on the stock sales and getting published on Smashing Magazine. Feels like a lofty goal currently, but it’ll be fun either way. Plus, if I fail, Coal will still love me. Great thing about puppies that is.

In the works, Keagan and I are working on a project called Classy Robot. Still in the infancy stages, but the core idea is something to start giving resources back to the greater designer and developer online community which has, in many ways, helped both of us over the years.

2015 was pretty great, but 2016 is shaping up nicely.

Scourge of the Century?

2015-more-like-no15-amirightThough, the more I see online, the more people seem to be reacting to 2015 like it was a plague that is best never to mention ever again. The year that shall not be named. Which, is a bit sad, why you gotta be so hard on an arbitrary number assigned to another trip around the sun?

Sure we’ve added a bit more wear and tear on the Earth and the resale value is ever decreasing, but it’s not bad for something with 4.2 quintillion kilometres on it. And we’ve kinda made a mess of the environment and are using natural resources faster than they can be replenished, but at least The Force Awakens didn’t disappoint. Right?

Heck, a switch in management with that robot takeover might not be a bad idea after all.

Give us more

No, go poke a robot.