Crow in the Grass

I've wanted a Jeep Cherokee before I could even say "Jeep" (I'd point with a chubby little finger and say "eep!" instead).

Once held the title of "Market Heartthrob" due to kids of friends swooning over me at the Farmers' Market.

Doesn't drink coffee; loves Coffee Crisp.

In Photography I at the Nova Scotia Community College, I was just shy of top of the class by 0.1%. Catherine and I are still good friends however.

Much to the surprise of every girlfriend I've ever had, I've never watched The Princess Bride.

At one point I had three ex-girlfriends living in Montreal. I've never lived in Montreal. Not sure I should try now.

Almost always carrying a leatherman, pen, keys, phone, and wallet.

Loves German Shepherds; probably attributed to watching untold episodes of The Littlest Hobo.

Once believed that everyone had a "major" accident as a kid and sent to the hospital. Was almost shocked upon meeting someone that had never been to the hospital.

Attended six different elementary schools.

Has a long scar that is mostly covered by hair due to an unfortunate accident involving a tree stump.

Piercing and tattoo free