The Littlest Robot

I’ve always considered myself a Jack-of-all-Trades, able to work with and on nearly everything, big or small. This, combined with practical and dependable farm-boy roots from rural Nova Scotia has given me an ideal foundation for taking on life, challenges, and whatever curve ball is thrown my way.

After working in a variety of kitchens in Halifax, I headed back to school, lunchbox in hand, to find a love of photography and graphic design I didn’t know existed. Shiny new skills in hand and a desire to expand on those skills (even taking on projects beyond my skills and learning how on-the-fly) I set out to join the workforce. Since then, I’ve worked at a busy downtown printshop, as production artist for an international resort company and helped to organize and create a weekly Farmers’ Market in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

I now reside in St. John’s, Newfoundland where I’ve developed a great appreciation for snow and a knack for growing tropical plants in my bathroom.

The plant, SeƱor Banana, has since died.

Doesn't drink coffee; loves Coffee Crisp.

Almost always carrying a leatherman, pen, keys, phone, and wallet.

I've wanted a Jeep Cherokee before I could even say "Jeep" (I'd point with a chubby little finger and say "eep!" instead).

Attended six different elementary schools.

In Photography I at the Nova Scotia Community College, I was just shy of top of the class by 0.1%. Catherine and I are still good friends however.

At one point I had three ex-girlfriends living in Montreal. I've never lived in Montreal. Not sure I should try now.